We look forward to what exiting new things the lord will do through Beckon this year. 

Beckon! is now part of Family Empowerment Centers.

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Beckon is a Christian ministry reaching at-risk inner city youth/young men through mentoring and camping experience.

Beckon provides fatherless young urban men (18-30 years of age) an opportunity to be mentored and discipled. Beckon provides assistance in job placement, housing, clothing needs, substance abuse, anger management and support to leave the gangs.

Beckon  provides provides spiritual fathering in order to bring about spiritual maturity and wise decision. making. Beckon helps young men to be set free from negative poverty mindsets, to no receive a new mindset that is based on God's Biblical truth and the power of the Holy Spirit.

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The urban church faces a potential decline in future indigenous leadership. Even when urban young people attend church, they are often immersed in an environment of extremely dysfunctional families, poverty, prevalent drug and gang activity and poor schools. These pressures make it much more difficult for them to succeed. The result is that few young people, even churched young people, walk wholesome and productive lives into their twenties. They are not properly equipped spiritually to be positive leaders in their church or community. There remains a great need for evangelism, consistent discipleship and mentoring directed at these at-risk youth.

The key to this ministry is people who know God's grace, love and mercy, and desire to share it. Through volunteer help and/or financial support, Beckon! can reach young urban people and young adults for Christ.


Chicago Alive Youth Camps

One glimmer of hope has been found in summer camping experiences. The Chicago Alive Youth Camp, established in 1989, provide moments where childrenand teens have the opportunity to hear the voice of God and respond,. In an environment apart from the distractions and burdens of daily life in the city. God gives them moments of lucidity and hope. Expanding this camping experience to occur through the year canprovide the spiritual continuity that these youth need.

Mentoring Programs

Another glimmer of hope has been found in personal mentoring. Young men respond to personal mentoring by older and godly urban males. Beckon was established to take camping and mentoring and forge a ministry that would bring about lasting transformation in the lives of young urban men. The combination of the two can bring about leadership for church and community.